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Our Success Stories


Industry:          Corporate Enterprise

Customer:        Levi Strauss & Co.'s Asia Pacific Division


The Requirement

Levi Strauss & Co.'s Asia Pacific Division or LSAPD required a robust and reliable Learning Management System in order to deliver their suite of safety related learning content to their vendors in places like India, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Philippines and even USA.


The system must be able to track the course progress of the many vendors enrolled and generate comprehensive and detailed reports so that LSAPD can act appropriately in the event of non-conformance to their strict training standards.


The Solution

Inchone's flagship product, the i3Corporate Learning Management System or i3Corporate LMS (ASP model), is used to deliver LSAPD's learning content to its vendors throughout the Asia Pacific. With its powerful suite of administration features such as courseware mapping, enrollment management, assessment creation and automated reminders, only a single administrator is required to manage the multitude of vendors residing on the system.


The adoption of  i3Corporate LMS at LSAPD has yet again proven Inchone's eLearning system to be a successful model for delivering e-learning content to the masses by a world class enterprise. Levi Strauss is currently looking at extending the training for vendors to its European counterparts and Inchone Pte Ltd, with its proven implementation and change management strategies, stands ready to assist LSAPD in this endeavor.



Industry:           Government

Customer:        Civil Service College, Institute of Public Administration and Management


The Requirement

In line with its vision to build a first class public service in Singapore, CSC IPAM realized it needed to provide cutting edge e-learning solutions on top of its traditional repertoire of classroom courses in the 21st century.


Another concern CSC IPAM needed to address was the wide variety of clients the college served. Each Statutory Board and Ministry has unique training needs that if met, could result in costly customization costs. Compounding this problem was the fact that the solution selected also need to be integrated with the Government Training Management System known as TRAISI.


The Solution

Since day one, the Inchone i3Eduzone Learning Management System  has been the Learning Management System of choice for IPAM Open Academy, the department created in 2001 to drive the e-learning initiative into the Public Service. Inchone eLearning system, with its robust features, reliability, scalability, and most importantly, its highly affordable customization potential, has facilitated IPAM OA to successfully introduce a state of the art Learning Management System for a potential pool of more than 60,000 civil servants.



"Inchone's services have effectively allowed IPAM OA to provide a more innovative LMS that provides better e-Learning tracking and reporting services to the public officers."


Ms Lau Teh Wei, Manager, Open Academy, Civil Service College



Industry:           Education

Customer:        INTI College, Malaysia


The Requirement

INTI College, one of the leading private colleges based in Malaysia, realized that managing and supporting a pool of 14,000 students in 5 different campuses was getting increasingly difficult. Students were unable to obtain courseware related supplementary materials if they did not attend class and there was an ever increasing demand for additional administrative personnel and teachers to handle student calls.


A system was needed to not only deliver up to date learning materials to students but also to create a collaboration environment for teachers and students to participate in.


The Solution

With the Inchone i3Campus Learning Management System, INTI College, Malaysia is now able to offer on-demand learning materials to all the students in its Subang and Nilai Campuses. Through the use of semester management, a unique feature of the i3Campus LMS, administrators and teachers are able to create customized learning programmes and make them available to students as and when required.


Students and teachers also make use of collaborative tools such as live chatrooms, forums and personalized emails to participate in virtual discussions and share ideas with one another. After building successful learning communities, INTI College together with Inchone is now looking at developing a pure e-learning delivery model for busy students who are unable to conform to a regular classroom schedule by early 2006.


This is in line with INTI College's plans to enable e-learning in its many campuses in Penang, Serawak, Sabah and other countries in the region.



" staff in the e-campus and e-Learning group for INTI Online also enjoyed the close cooperation given by your team in the execution of the project. They have complete trust in the professional manner in which your team has carried out their jobs. Congratulations for the great works! "


Mr. Tan Yew Sing, President, INTI College, Malaysia



Industry:           Logistics

Customer:        Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, Singapore (CILTS)


The Requirement

Encountering overwhelming response for its diploma course on Logistics, CILTS knew that the only way to deliver quality and affordable learning to PMEB clients was through the use of a solid and full featured Learning Management System.


The Solution

CILTS, through the use of the Inchone i3Eduzone Learning Management System, not only overcame its content delivery problems, but also created a collaborative community between students and online coaches.


The easy to learn and intuitive interface of the LMS are the most welcome features and characteristics for the students, many of whom are expected to be first time e-learners. The administrators are also able to retrieve detailed monthly reports and give appropriate feedback on the learning progress of their students.


"Inchone has also been awarded the certificate of interoperability from ITSC Plugfest. Therefore there should be no hesitation for anyone to look at Inchone as a potential partner."


Mr. Karmjit Singh, Chairman, Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transportation, Singapore



Industry:           Contract Chip Maker

Customer:        Carsem Manufacturing, China


The Requirement

Carsem needs a new training system that allows users online access to training content related to different parts of the manufacturing process. Carsem realized that its existing computer-based training system was insufficient to address the needs of their workers.


To achieve better and more effective training results, Carsem required a standards compliant, web-based Learning Management System for online learning, which is highly flexible, expandable and provides ease of use for over  thousands of  employees. Further, the new system must carry over the records and information contained within the earlier dated system.


The Solution

Through the deployment of the Inchone i3Corporate Learning Management System, the disadvantages of the current system were removed and Carsem now had the power and flexibility of learning over the Internet/Intranet without losing its past records.


The system not only provides for powerful support to human resource management with scheduled generation of complex and detailed reports such as Training Statistics and Learning Status Reports but also empowered Carsem employees to take command of their own learning development.




Industry:           Education

Customer:        SEG International Training Sdn. Bhd. (SEGI)


The Requirement

In order to maintain its position as one of Malaysia's premier private colleges, SEGI needs to continually improve its service offerings. One of the key drivers to improvement was SEGI's desire to create a one stop learning portal for students to visit and collaborate in.


The learning portal will also serve as an avenue for students to feedback to SEGI on what kind of improvements or changes they would like to see. By facilitating this 2 way communication, SEGI hopes to provides its students with a unique and pleasurable learning experience.


The Solution

Inchone together with I-Station Technologies developed and implemented a Learning Portal, titled SEGI2U, for the group of colleges under SEG International. SEGI2U uses Inchone's full-featured LMS, i3Campus tailored for learning institutions as its primary backbone.


With the learning portal in place, SEGI is now able to perform administrative, collaborative, organizational, content management and assessment creation tasks in a single integrated environment. Degree/Diploma students registered with the SEGI Group of Colleges can now obtain supplementary course materials at ease from their own homes anywhere and anytime. Potential students can also login as guests and have a tour of SEGI's LMS facilities offered before deciding to sign-up.


Inchone, with its core competency and proven track record in providing standards compliant Learning Management Systems that contain a complete suite of e-learning solutions, has facilitated SEGi in achieving an even more competitive edge in delivering standards of excellence that meets the needs of students, industries and the community.


"...We would like to express our sincere thanks for the cooperation and professional execution consistently carried out by your team throughout this period.  We are truly astounded at Inchone's professional consultancy on the project implementation..."


Mr. Lee Kok Cheng, CEO, SEG International Training Sdn. Bhd.



Industry:           Government

Customer:        The Singapore Police Force


The Requirement

The Police Coast Guard or PCG needed to keep their officers well trained through a continual assessment system. However, due to the hectic work schedules of the police officers in the force, the traditional classroom based system was proving to be less then ideal.


PCG needed a system that would be compatible with existing and new content. Further, the system would need to keep track of the training histories of each officer so that the training department can execute appropriate follow-up actions whenever required.


The Solution

Inchone deployed the i3Corporate Learning Management System into the training campus located at Pulau Brani in the middle of 2004. The system proved to be such a success that the Singapore Police Force implemented i3Corporate shortly after into Police Headquarters.


In the early part of 2005, the Singapore Police Force once again expanded the use of the reliable i3Corporate LMS by introducing it into their Training Command Branch or Police Academy located at Thomson road.


The trainers located within the Police Academy made extensive use of the powerful Question Bank Management and Learning Object Repository tools to share questions and learning tools that greatly enhanced the student experience. They have also reduced the total time spent in classrooms by police officers through a blended learning approach to training.


Inchone stands poised and committed to assist the Singapore Police Force in making e-learning a continued success in their organization.



Industry:           Government

Customer:        The Public Utilities Board (PUB)


The Requirement

Most PUB officers go through extensive Microsoft Office Application training in order to fully realize the potential of these sophisticated applications. However, these same officers found it very difficult to retain knowledge on applications they rarely use such as Microsoft Access.


The Solution

Through the introduction of the Inchone i3Eduzone Learning Management System into the PUB environment, PUB officers have found a perfect learning tool that reinforces what they have learnt in traditional classroom courses.

Nowadays, PUB officers regularly access Microsoft Training Simulations to practice the creation of Macros, sophisticated Excel based Tables and so on... This newfound ability to practice what they have learnt in a simulated and safe environment has significantly increased training satisfaction and retention.



Industry:           Transport

Customer:        The Singapore Taxi Academy (STA)


The Requirement

In the past, STA made use of Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) as the grading system. [OMR is a method of computerized input from (usually) paper forms]. However, this process was labor intensive and did not offer any flexibility for taxi drivers who needed to obtain their vocational driving licenses urgently.


The Solution

Inchone works with Singapore Taxi Academy (STA) to set up an e-Testing System for all Taxi Drivers to facilitate and achieve higher standards of Taxi driver service and professionalism. With this new system, powered by Inchone's i3Assessment e-Testing engine, STA now offers an online testing system that gives taxi drivers greater flexibility when obtaining their Taxi Vocational Licenses or TVL.


The system also has an added advantage of reducing administrative work and overall costs. After being successfully launched in June 2005, Inchone is now working with STA on further enhancing the e-testing system to encompass even more features.



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