Raptivity Version 7.4 launched!!

New features to the latest Raptivity version 7.4 are as follows –

Drag-Drop-Sort’ Evolve
These exciting features include – use of text and pictures or combinations, customizable categories and bins. User can also re-drag items and also compatibility with HTML5 and Flash!

Tin Can Support
Raptivity can now support the Tin Can API for its Essential / Zest / HTML5 Starter Pack.

3D Turbo Pack with HTML5
Raptivity can now supports 113 interactions in HTML5 format.

Mail to Support
Customers can now directly mail to Raptivity Support from Raptivity software. This functionality will be useful for support team to resolve queries faster!

Interested? Contact us at :
Email - Telephone - Singapore (65) 6441 4478 Malaysia (60) 3 7876 4478 Facsimile - Singapore (65) 6441 4086 Malaysia (60) 3 7876 4479